Custom domain (.net) with Blogger not working

I connected 2 of my domains to blogger with cloudflare without any problems. Those 2 domains have ‘.com’ extension. But my domain name with ‘.net’ extension that I am trying to connect now is not working.
If I delete my custom domain name via blogger, it works when it is in the form of ‘’, it does not work when I connect my domain name again.
Could it be because it is in the form of ‘.net’? Because my other 2 ‘.com’ domains are working.

please dectivate dnss secondary or in abrreviation dnssec solething like that

it’s already deactivated, I never turned it on.

all domain extensions can be connected to blogspot, as long as there is DNS access… no matter the .com or .net extension or even others…
possibility of wrong DNS settings or need time to synchronize, can try again tomorrow