Custom Domain Name DNS changes

I use CloudFlare and Skystra working together. I am able to see my DNS settings from both sites. I have pointed my domain name registrar to Skystra.

So, if I want to make changes to my DNS records in order to use my custom domain on an email client, do I make the changes with Skystra and then CloudFlare will see those changes and update automatically? or ?

Unless they have a partner integration to automate a connection or you are using a zone on a business plan or higher in a CNAME setup with Cloudflare, if you’ve pointed your nameservers to somewhere other than Cloudflare, Cloudflare won’t be serving any of your traffic or answering DNS requests.

I’ve not heard of the service, but their instructions seem to indicate your registrar should point to Cloudflare’s nameservers. You may want to ask them to clarify. How To Enable Cloudflare - Skystra Knowledgebase

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