Custom domain name can not effect with BLOGGER

I want to use my custom domain name in Blogger, but it has been unable to take effect
After many investigations, after DNS information query and WHOIS query, I found that I could not search for my domain name. Has my domain name had been restricted to use or banned? Can you give a point?

What is your domain, and which DNS record do you expect to find?


thank you for your reply.
My domain name is XXX I hope it points to the domain name of Google server in the form of CNAME.
And Blogger also asked me to add personal verified Canme or TXT information in the DNS management background. I added it as required, but my blogger has always showed that the domain name cannot be verified, and I don’t know where there is a problem.

You’ll need to give the domain name for people to be able to look and help.

You many need to space it out or use the preformatted text button above so you can post it (as new users can’t post links).


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