Custom domain mapping fails despite apparently successful creation of DNS records

I’m trying to map to Every time I try, the status changes from Initializing… to CNAME record not set and then settles on Inactive (Error).

The domain’s nameservers are Cloudflare’s.

dig @ +short NS

After completing the custom domain setup, there do seem to be some DNS entries for it. While the status is either Initializing… or CNAME record not set, they’re like this.

dig +nocmd +noall +answer 300 IN A 300 IN A

These are A records rather than CNAME records, which I’m given to understand is correct as “proxied :orange: CNAMEs are published as synthetic A and AAAA records using the Cloudflare proxy IPs”. I’ve tried manually editing them to turn off proxying, which turns them into regular CNAME records but doesn’t fix the issue.

Once the status switches to Inactive (Error), the DNS records disappear.

I’ve seen other similar issues where this turned out to be a billing-related issue. The account in question here is on the free tier but does have a valid payment method associated with it.

Hey there!

Sorry about the trouble on adding that custom domain for Pages.

It sounds like the custom domain process didn’t detect that it was part of a domain in your account.

Please remove that custom domain, check your DNS to be sure the record was also removed, then re-add the custom domain in Pages. It should automatically detect it will be part of your zone, then show a screen something like this:

As it is, it’s expecting the CNAME to resolve to a target, rather than a :orange: Proxied record.

If remove/re-add doesn’t work, please let us know, and we’ll be glad to take another look.

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Oh that’s interesting. I’ve retried now and I do see that screen, but the issue persists the same as before!

Hello again,

Sorry for the delay.

That hostname is still waiting for a certificate to be issues, but it needs CAA records for that exact hostname in order to issue. Please add all the CAA records for listed here:

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