Custom domain for R2 bucket not hosted on Cloudflare

Hi, I want to use custom domain for my R2 bucket. My domain is hosted some place else and not on Cloudflare, how can I still map my domain that’s hosted at some other service to my R2 bucket?

Also what are the rate limits if I use domain?

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You can’t. In order to attach a custom domain to your R2 bucket, the domain has to be active and in your Cloudflare account.

They have not stated anything more then to not use it for production when asked about that. You also get no caching, which can help speed and a lot, and any cache hits don’t charge you R2 Operations (No Class Bs).

You could buy a simple cheap domain to use as your cdn domain (i.e, and use that. Cloudflare offers no markup registrar services as well.

Is there any way I can host a subdomain of my main domain which is hosted elsewhere?

For ex. I have hosted on Porkbun, can I host on Cloudflare and make it work with R2?

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