Custom domain for Pages

Hello Cloudflare community!

Your help is welcome here. We set up a custom domain last evening and it’s working, though on all pages (except homepage) the URL displays the Cloudflare domain, How can this be fixed so that the custom domain name displays on all pages?

Also, the automatic DNS records for SRV and TXT still show the old web host provider. Will this be updated automatically or do we need to do something here?

Any help is welcome. Thanks very much!

As far as I’m aware, Kajabi isn’t affiliated with Cloudflare, though they may utilize Cloudflare. Your best bet is to contact them directly to get instructions specific to their service.

Edit: It looks like they provide instructions to use Cloudflare and Kajabi together. Since the instructions depend on how Kajabi works, you should definitely contact them.

Will do. Thank you very much!

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