Custom domain for Mailerlite not https

Hi guys. I am new. Thank you for this helpful community.
I set up a cname to enable a custom domain in Mailerlite and show “” instead of their default Url.
I did the same with teachable, my course platform.
Both work but Mailerlite doesn’t show the https, while teachable does.
Would you be so kind to help solve this?
Thank you

Devid does not seem to exist as CNAME.

Record type: CNAME
Name: www.corsi

These are the settings that Mailerlite told me to insert. I insert them in the cpanel, then I remembered I have Cloudflare and came here to set them up. It never worked.

Well, that CNAME is there, however did you also configure it at subscribepage? They dont seem to recognise it and that is likely to be the issue.

I check and reply… thank you Sandro… ITaliano?

Metà :slight_smile:

Did you follow the steps at And if so, what did you configure there? or

This is what I configured in mailerlite. I followed all the steps to configure it

From my server they say:

la propagazione è comunque legata ai server di Cloudflare, al momento mi risulta propagato

$ dig +short

Hmm, that should be okay according to their docs (it does not seem to require the fully qualified domain name but only the host). Could it be they have a problem with the two levels? Maybe try to specify it without www. Configure on their site and on Cloudflare only corsi.

ok I try. Thank you for your time!!

The propagation should be okay. The host is proxied through Cloudflare but should still point to the right machine. You could try to switch that CNAME from :orange: to :grey: but I would not expect it to fix it, though one never knows :slight_smile:

I actually did the opposite this morning, turning it to orange… Maybe I just need to wait and it’ll work…

*the feelings of the web… who knows? lol

Did it work before switching to :orange:? I’d still try to keep it to corsi, maybe they dont like two levels - no idea :slight_smile:

before I switched it only worked with http…

Now I am going to wait a couple days and see I guess

Unless you purchased a certificate it wont work on HTTPS for www.corsi anyhow (the standard certificate only covers the first level on your domain).

It shouldnt take days, just sayin’ :slight_smile:

then this entire converstaion was for nothing. I missed that little piece of information you just mentioned. I’m sorry. So then I won’t have the https if I keep Cloudflare… shoot…
Well… my website has it… so I guess I’ll keep it like that.

Does it have to be www.corsi? If you switch to corsi it should work out-of-the-box, should :smile:

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I just created a new lp to try what you adviced me. No www, just
The cname is only laviadelrisveglio as you said… I let you know if it works in the next days.

Thanks a lot Sandro!!

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