Custom Domain for iCloud mail

I bought a domain and I am trying to add it to my iCloud mail. I constantly get the following error

“This record is managed by Email Routing. Disable Email Routing to modify/remove this record. (Code: 1046)”

The email for my domain is to be routed to iCloud and should be easy to set up. There is no technical support coming from Cloudflare on how I resolve this problem.

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Have you used the Email Routing feature before? If yes, please try disabling it before adding your new MX records.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried everything and still get the same error. I will upload images but I am limited to one per reply. Whatever!

Here is the second image

And then I get this

Click on “Start Disabling” and fully disable Email Routing.

Hope it works!

Thank you. Got it working

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