Custom Domain Failure for Cloudflare Workers

I am facing an issue with a Cloudflare Worker and custom domain setup. Here are the details:

  1. I have built a web service using Cloudflare Workers, and the access URL is
  2. I have configured a custom domain with the custom domain being
  3. The domain is registered with Cloudflare, and the DNS records are as shown in the attached image.

The problem: Accessing works fine. However, when trying to access custom domain, the service is inaccessible and redirects to an unknown domain

I am seeking assistance in resolving this issue. Any insights or guidance on why the custom domain is failing to work as expected would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Looks like your Cloudflare account may have been compromised. That site used to be a metamask clone/phising page, you’re not the first one to get your account compromised and redirects added for it.

Follow this guide:

As for deleting the actual redirect:
Check your Audit Log (Manage Account → Audit Log) for any unauthorized changes.
If you can’t find the redirect being created there (it could have been a while ago), it’s most likely either a Single Redirect (within your site in CF Dash, go to Rules → Redirect Rules, look at Single Redirects, Magic Link: or a Page Rule Redirect (check under Rules → Page Rules, Magic Link:

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The issue has been resolved.
Thanks for Chaika’s enthusiastic response.


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