Custom domain doesn't seem to work

I’ve added custom domain to my Cloudflare page. The DNS were successfully set up at my registrar. I’ve configured my DNS in Cloudflare same way as I did for my other custom domain (removed A records, configured CNAME) and set up a rule to redirect www traffic to non-www address.

After that Cloudflare was giving me 522 error and was redirecting me to my registrar default page.

I wasn’t sure what I messed up, so I removed the page from my account and add it again. After that operation basically everything blew up. Browser gives me “cannot find server” error.

Here is my DNS config:


Can you please share your domain name and URL so I can take a look?

The addresses are: naprawa-kotlow.pages[dot]dev and naprawakotlow[dot]pl

Did you have a Worker over this domain before? Could you redeploy and see if you still experience the 522?

I don’t have any Worker on this domain. I redeployed code from GitHub, but to no effect. Right now it seems like the page is getting too many redirects error and it falls into infinite loop of redirects.