Custom domain does not work despite well configurated

Hi peps, basically I wanted to point my website to, using cloudflare dns and domain from freenom.
The domain .ml i registered on freenom and changed it’s nameservers to the cloudflare ones. Then i set up the DNS on cloudfare, i did everything the github guided me. image

And then i set up the custom domain on github page, it gives me a green tick and of course i also have https enforcing enabled.

But one thing weird is that the domain does not work. It gives me ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID when i try to connect. Does anyone have any idea? I am not really into networking so help would be appreciated!

Switch your encryption mode on Cloudflare to Full Strict.

For some reason you have an insecure configuration right now, which is also the reason for the error.

Ehm, you also have not changed your nameservers.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:   nameserver =   nameserver =   nameserver =   nameserver =

sorry but i just changed it back to the freenom because i want it to work again. Now i just changed it back to cloudflare cname and you can check again, but the domain still not working.

Did you follow that?

um you mean this right? image

It now seems to load fine.

If it doesn’t on your end you’ll have to wait for DNS propagation.

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Ah thank you, will be waiting for good news! I didnt expect a respone that quick, i love this community ^^

My pleasure :slight_smile:

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