Custom Domain : CNAME Cross-User Banned

I am currently doing a CRM system which allow each user to point their own domain ( to my server. The user’s domain name will serve the same content as his subdomain in our application ( ).

I have tried to ask user to create a DNS record by specify
but it fails, an error of CNAME Cross-User Banned returned.

I done some research before, and seems like I have to upgrade my currently free plan to at least pro plan for this feature. Am I correct ?

And to point user domain to our server, do I need to do anything to my DNS settings. Currently I just edit Nginx to accept all request with server_name ~.; only.

Thank you very much in advance for any help. I am stuck for this issues for few days :sob:

CNAME Cross-User Banned do occur for everyone by default. You can disable this by upgrading to Pro AND contact support to enable CNAME from other users. But i have doubt about, will you be able to manage security for that domain those cname to you. For example, firewalls, pagerules etc… may not work if you set… but users can do their own pagerules for those and they will get priority…

Surely i don’t recommend those. But if you upgrade to Enterprise.(a big dream to me :joy:) you could actually manage each hostnames SSL, pagerule, firewall everything by yourself…

Thanks for your great opinion and reminder. Oh my god, I don’t even think will have security issues like these :joy: :joy: . But we are just startup, the Enterprise plan is way too expensive :sob: Do you know any other DNS provider provide more affordable solution, or other alternative to done the security measures ?

I believe there aren’t any services which provide these things for free. Looks like you may need to manage waf by yourself (thats :man_shrugging:). I think if you can upgrade to PRO and contact support team, they may help you regard this…

Note that ask them about managing those pagerules, firewalls by you for your customers who use (ofcourse cloudflare) :orange: CNAME to your DNS record.

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