Custom domain cloudflare pages

Hello everyone.
I jave some issues in custom domains in Cloudflare pages.
I have upload an static site and i haveve connected to custom domain i have in Cloudflare.
In Cloudflare pages its say is active but when i try to open the domain name its say
“This site can’t be reached”
I have open the se domain in other device with 4g/LTE. conennction and the site is open normally.
But in wifi isn’t.
I checked the Propagation of dns and ony the CNAME its show with X.
What can i do to fix that ???

What is your domain that your pages are on and can you share a screenshot of the DNS entry for it?

The site loads for me just fine. I suspect you might have something cached. What happens if you try in an incognito/private window?

the same thing with icognito tab. i have try to acces the site with vpn and its opening fast and working. when i try to open without vpn cant open , and the same problem is with another networks like 4g in my mobile. what may be the problem ?

It sounds like DNS might be cached for your machine. It is going to work for everyone else and the simplest thing is to just wait until the cache is invalid

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How much should i wait for the chache to br invalid ??

The site works, but only without www. You have to add the www version to the list of custom domains in Pages if you want that to work as well.

Usually we think the maximum TTL of a DNS cache is 48hrs. But might be vary.

For me isn’t reachable. Isn’t loading . I don’t know why.

I have added the www to point for example and still isn’t open. But when i open in vpn everything is working correctly

When you add a custom domain for a Pages site, don’t add it through the DNS interface. Add it in the Pages interface and let it add the DNS record for you.

Yes i have done in this way and no work again. Its a little bit strange because for another domain with the same setup everything work correctly and for this donmain doesn’t

Your site is now working for me both with the root domain and the www version. You have it set up correctly, and maybe it’s still not showing for you because of your local DNS cache. Give it an hour.

Its been 2 days now and isn’t working . I dont know what my be the problem . Maybe is the SSL. The ssl Cloudflare assign to the domain is flexible. Should i change it to full ???

I don’t think that matters for a Pages site since it’s not going to an outside origin.

The only thing I can think of is that your computer’s DNS cache still has the negative response cached. The TTL for that is set to 3600, which is one hour.

If you happen to be using a Mac you can flush the local DNS cache at the command line like so:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

I don’t know anything about Windows so if you’re using that, maybe google it. But your site is working from here and appears to be set up correctly.

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