Custom domain at Pages: Continue button is disabled

I can’t add custom domain name at CloudFlare Pages, because continue button is always disabled. See screenshot below.

Снимок экрана 2021-09-15 в 00.27.27

May I ask is the domain you are trying to use registered one or not yet?

Or the domain you are trying to use is a free one and registered at the FREENOM registar, if so?

Have you got yourself into the limits somehow maybe?

This is a known issue and a fix is being worked on.

A fix is rolling out, you should now be able to add a custom domain again. If you’re still seeing the problem, please wait a little for the fix to roll out.

Feel free to let me (or other community champs) know in Discord if the issue is not resolved in an hour or two.

Domain is already added to CloudFlare and was working some years with no problems.
I see no problems with limits, etc/

Custom domain successfully added 12 hours ago and CloudFlare created CNAME records, but:

  • custom domain is in error status (see screenshot)
  • accessing website by domain name gives “Error 522: Connection timed out” CloudFlare page

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