Custom DNS Propagation

Hello everyone,

So, I am building a home/office infrastructure and need help getting my custom DNS to propagate so I am able to connect to my infrastructure off site.

I am somewhat at a loss of words as … You seemingly can’t even do that with Pro … only … $200 per month???

Am I missing something, or does Cloudflare really expect me to pay $200 just to be able to propagate my records?

I got the Pro package because on the bottom it says I can create custom DNS but after I did it say buy Business $200 per month if I pay for one year. Totally bad.

If you cancel subscription, they will refund you pretty quickly, I think also is automated.

I agree, I love Cloudflare and have used them for YEARS, even though they are not the easiest provider to work with from a technical standpoint, however, I have moved almost ALL of the domains I own or manage away entirely due to this lunacy. This is a basic functionality of literally every other provider that is at 0 cost and here is $200 per month.

Further exemplified by, I asked this question here and not one employee could respond with, “Yes, this is correct.” at very least.

Extremely, extremely long term Cloudflare user, searching my emails, of over 7 years, at least, as that is my earliest archived email from Cloudflare, and not even being my first Created Account email - and this experience has literally altered my perception entirely of this company.

Contrast that with my new company, that even though well over a $1B company, when I emailed them with extremely technical questions in regards to complex DNS issues prior to me even signing up for a free trial to ensure there weren’t any goofy limitations that would prevent me from running into an issue like this, and somewhat unfamiliar with what I would be required to do to resolve the issue entirely – I was able to pretty quickly get connected with the Managing Director of their DNS division and he helped multiple questions I had in several extremely long responses, provide me with links and resources to his technical blog referencing those issues, and even offered to long on to my NC account (where the domain was initially purchased) and implement the resolutions onto ANOTHER DNS provider AND my server, even if I opted not to begin a free trial with their company.

I said no way dude, you’re taking all the money in my bank account right now.

I will pay out the butt for a customer centric leadership team, company and product that aren’t just trying to maximize profits, heck, the dude was seriously willing to help resolve everything without an expectation of one dollar in return for his time or for his company – as opposed to what I am seeing here with $200 a MONTH for DNS charges and inability to respond on their own companies forums.

Cloudflare, I love you guys - seriously. I really do. I want to give you money.
You can do better than this.

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Where do you see the mention for “custom DNS”? And what are you trying to accomplish?

As far as I know, ignoring limits on the number of records, there are no actual limits on even the free plan for DNS records.

This is wrong, refunds are not automated and are not guaranteed, quite the contrary.

I stand corrected, I know mine was processed extremely quickly and the balance was prorated once I discovered this issue.

On all packages on the bottom it says this

Cloudflare for SaaS (100 free custom hostnames)

My only option is $250 per month package to have custom hostnames?

Cloudflare for SaaS is a specific offering for third party domains having a CNAME to your website (a setup like Shopify’s for example), and the pricing is 100 free and then a cost per hostname per month thereafter.

If you want your own website’s subdomains, e.g., they are free, with free TLS certificates for root + first level subdomains and paid for deeper subdomains.

To user your own dns does Cloudflare com provide this service example ns1 mydomain com and ns2 mydomain com

Cloudflare does not provide this, except on Enterprise-level accounts. (The vanity nameservers on the Business plan are just aliases for Cloudflare nameservers.) In order to use Cloudflare services like DDOS protection, certificates, etc., you must use Cloudflare nameservers because that’s how the proxy works.

It’s not clear what this thread is about or what you’re trying to accomplish. You can set up any DNS you want on Cloudflare for any hostnames you want.

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