Custom ddos protection by geo

We have site, which blocked on one country.
Is it possible to sent traffic through Cloudflare to this country only?
Custom geo DNS records we can create on our side.
Maybe some tunneling solutions?


No, you cant use Cloudflare only for one country.

Which country is it, which domain is it, and how is it blocked?

Thanks for reply.
You can suggest some other solution?

Lets start by answering the questions I asked :wink:

Unfortunately, this is confidential information. I can not post it on this forum.

Then I am afraid the forum wont be able to help.

what exactly you want to do?:

  1. block all users of all countries except county x
  2. let Cloudflare serve my site through x country server only

if its case 2 than I think its not possible, in case 1 you can block all countries using the firewall

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