Custom certificate needed to cover subdomain

I am new to Cloudflare and need a bit of assistance. I run a WP/WC site and send mails through MailGun. Also I have added the “Really Simple SSL” plugin for security.

Mailgun support have send me below guidance, but I am actually not really sure what I need to do.

With Cloudflare, since they’re handling the HTTPS connection for this hostname, the certificate would need to be configured on their platform. The Cloudflare free certificate does not cover 3rd level or higher hostnames and a custom certificate would need to be obtained through Cloudflare to cover the subdomain,

Their response is only partially accurate.

Yes, by default Cloudflare’s certificates would not cover the host in question as it is one level too deep. You’d need a dedicated $10/month certificate to cover that host.

As for the certificate itself, Cloudflare will manage the one on their servers, however you still need one on your own server. Also, how is that all related to mail in the first place?

Thanks Sandro.
The challenge is the “reset password link”. The current setup via Mailgun does not allow for https - links to the site.

The problem is not big enough for me to buy a $10 monthly subscription. Maybe I should just consider skipping Mailgun??

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