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Hi! I wish someone could help me out…

So I am using LiteSpeed Plugin (only To generate Critical CSS & for Page Optimization), and Swift Cache Plugin (For serving Cache, and warming up my page caches at regular intervals). Swift Plugin stores all the cache pages in a specific directory in wp/content/

Is there a way I can instruct Cloudflare to serve every page that is already cached by Swift, on every first visit?

I am trying to achieve so because there is a huge page speed score when I compare normal pages vs cached pages in PageSpeed Insights. Also, LiteSpeed Crwaler is not available for shared hosting, so I am bound to use this method to warm up my cached pages.

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please any help @yevgen

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This kind of “warming up the cache”, is also known as prefetching in the CDN world.

Prefetch URLs is an option for Enterprise plans, assuming that the resource is already a part of what Cloudflare normally caches by default.

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Sorry! I am new to the Cloudflare community or in fact to any community discussions! I’ll take care of it!

Prefetching makes sense. Thank you!

@DarkDeviL - what if I already do “Prefetch” the URLs on my server, at regular intervals… I am only looking for a way to instruct Cloudflare to serve those files…

All the prefetched URLs end with where “?force-cached=1” is common in the end.

I did try to make a URL rewrite for that but that messed up my admin dashboard. Can I make a proper URL rewrite or something like that? and will it work?

I suggest looking at Transform Rules, the only caveat that regex support is only available for Biz and Pro plans: Transform Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs
Some examples for Basic URL transforms:
Serve images from custom paths · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs
URL rewrite examples · Cloudflare Rules docs

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Thank you for getting back.

I did go through that and it seems to be a good solution.

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