Custo por domínio adicionado

Não estou compreendendo os planos, não faz menção a informação que necessito.

  • Qual a quantidade de domínios que podem ser adicionados a uma conta inicial/gratuita?
  • Qual o custo unitário para adicionar mais de 1 domínio a conta gratuita?

*I can speak English and Spanish if necessary.

Hello @drcg, welcome.

As many as you want. I have seen accounts with thousands. You can have a mix of plan types in your account as well. One domain on free, one on pro, etc.

  1. Free plans are free plans. I’d start with free, do as much as you can and then figure out what services you need to add. Need to accelerate traffic, maybe add argo. Want to register a domain, use Registrar. Need all the features of a biz plan? Upgrade that domain (we call them zone) to biz.

Let us know as questions come up. Members here also

And other languages as well

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