curseforge has denied me access to there website and downed me as a threat error code 1020 i havent done anything wrong and im a loyal costomer garabbing mods every other day for minecraft what do i do it leads me here but theres no fix pls help

Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve blocked your access. Nobody at Cloudflare can override their security settings. You’ll have to contact the site owners to find out why they’re blocking you.

Me too! I haven’t been on the site all day. Now suddenly I’m getting Error 1020. tried all the solution steps I could find. I cleared cookies, turned of all browser plugins, and tried a different browser that I never use.

I’m guessing they blocked a broad range of IP addresses and hope that it’s cleared up soon, but I’m worried that my PC may have been compromised into a bot-net or something. I did a windows defender scan, but are there any other tools or sites I could use to see if my address is being used for some malicious transmissions?

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Same, I’ve rarely ever used curseforge, but I need to download a mod from there today and both my PC on Wi-Fi and phones mobile data’s IP are denied.

They probably blocked a range of IP addresses. Try putting in a ticket on the Curseforge app if you have it installed. The app works for me. I’m writing a ticket right now.

my ISP is Verizon in north-eastern USA. any similarity?

I’ve got Verizon for my mobile data, but hotwire for my Wi-Fi. And im in Florida

Same issue. I use Xfinity and live in Indiana. I don’t have the app. Are there any other options or should I try downloading it? I have the overwolf app, but I don’t see an option anywhere

A global spotcheck shows everybody is getting blocked. It could just be a misconfigured firewall rule, but only the site owner(s) would know.

Just checked twitter. The owner’s doing an update, but the app is still working.

i checked the discord and everyone is experiencing the issue. in announcements channel they said servers are down so it would be best to just wait until we can download our mods.

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I have been trying to access a website called to download some mods for a game, but it keeps giving me the error code 1020 and i haven’t been able to fix it. I’ve been searching everywhere for a fix but there is no luck. Anybody got some tips?

The only fix is to ask the site owner to unblock you.

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But how can i ask the owner when im blocked from any kind of support XD.

bc i have the same Problem.

This website doesnt let me enter curseforge nor any other website it protects.

Its to sensitive.

did more research and i guess the website is having major issues so it is not accessible at this time. Thanks for the help though.

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Good news!
Just checked and the website is operating normal and fast for me

Checked from Germany. As you all guys checked from the States it could be a regional outage, or they just finished their work in the meantime.

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well im from austria and it doesnt work

so ur right

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