Curret URL forward

Trying to get my root domain www. (url) pages to forward to a subdomain or any other choosen ur. at the moment im not hosting a html page on that url. will maybe to that in the future.
I cant get it to workd with the pages stup or redirect rulen

Make sure a record exists in your DNS records for the root or subdomain you are redirecting from. If there is not, and it is just for redirecting, create it with a dummy record of A or AAAA 100::

Set up a redirect rule like this (page rules will be deprecated at some point)…

Will directly read and figure out how i do this thanks for your fast reply!

I created the A record @ pointing to on DNS only (my other domains all use proxied status tough

When im trying to load the domain im getting a this website is not reachable answer. It has no webserver behind which im aware of
thats maybe gonne happen in the future but for now i just want it to redirect to a subdomain or either another website before migrating


  • Type: Static
  • URL: /contacts/

I cant din this option … it is just not there

Got it! think because my several brain damage i needit more time to re-read 5 times. it working thanks for heading my in the right correction! rly appriciated!

Needs to be proxied, but I guess you’ve found that out now.

to be honest it worked 10 min ago, i didnt change anythign from my side an all sudden it doesnt work anymore

think a local cache thingt was going on, any way, nor my subdomain doesnt work anymore and the top domain giving me too many redirect :frowning: got this feeling its gonne be a long long night for me

getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS now, giving me the asvise to remove cookies, already did that offcourse, also tried on incognito mode, last but least, also tried another browser

Ensure SSL/TLS is set to Full (strict) here…

If that doesn’t work, what is the domain name?

It was on flexible and i changed it to Full Strict, but it still not doing much, my subdomain also ist working anymore, the domain is a link i cant put in the message cgscorp net

Is the site still on Full (strict)? It is currently redirecting https->https which is a symptom of being set to Flexible. Confirm it is set to Full (strict) and we can debug from there.

What is the subdomain?

invite cgcorp net

which had a forward to a discord server link

Should this be ( isn’t on Cloudflare) is different from is timing out so check you have the correct IP addresses set in the DNS for that subdomain and your redirect is correct…

Post screenshots of your DNS records and redirect rules so easier to check.

its indeed ( which should redirect atm to
Ill probable take a host package on cloudflare to just post a index.html here just to have some real basic stuff

  • as sub domain i would lilke to have this back
Which redirect to a discord invite server

i posted the information you ask for, hope we can get it fixed

The subdomian is working again but the normale domain cgscorp nrt isnt forwarding to invite…