Currently don't have any websites

When I login to Cloudflare dashboard there is a message saying " You currently don’t have any websites."
I did add one site in 2019 which I have edited settings for continually but now suddenly its gone…
There is also now an error message in the bottom page saying
Authentication error (Code: 10000)

How can I get help fixing the problems.

My website works but I am about to migrate it to another server and after that is done I need to change some Cloudflare settings but obviously can’t do that now.
Please advise if you can.

Sounds like you are in a different account - or - perhaps the domain expired, nameservers reverted and site was purged from your account. Either way, the audit log will show.

What is the name of the domain?

The account is my email and has not changed
The only strange thing was my domain server was shut down for 6 hours yesterday morning and I got a error 522 when trying to access it. I then login at Cloudflare dashboard and found the You currently don’t have any websites.

After I issued a ticket my website issue was resolved.

I have no clue for how long Cloudflares dashboard has shown the messega as it was several months I was login.

My domain is

Where will I find the audit log?


It is normally near the bottom of the left sidebar under manage account.

What is that ticket number/

Cloonan, the ticket that was resolved was for my ISP

I have issued a ticket at Cloudflare as well and its

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I see only
Domain Registrations

in the left column

See image

PS I wonder what happen if I click on add site and add my own site again… will my old settings stay or will I mess it up…?

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Thank you for the details, I can see there are issues with the account, not sure what they are at the moment but i can see on #cloudflarestatus that the team is investigating. I’ll keep an eye on that and update here accordingly. Sorry for the issues you’re facing.

I’d hold for the moment and let the team investigate.

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