Current support for SIP (UDP) voice servers?


Wondering to which extent voice services can leverage CloudFlare, if ever possible?

The only relatively apparent info I found was this link on Spectrum:

An old post from 2018 also mentions that there was an upcoming product that would proxy any ports too.

This leads me to believe that it isn’t supported, can someone confirm.


Spectrum would be the product for protecting a SIP service, as it can do both UDP and TCP, but otherwise, there isn’t anything that specifically supports SIP.

What does it at a high level, the same as the regular http service?

Spectrum is more like a tunnel. While Cloudflare’s HTTP/S service inspects the traffic going through for malicious behavior, Spectrum is more a direct passthrough. About all Cloudflare will know about your SIP traffic is the visitor IP address & Port, how many requests its making, and the amount of data going through.

Sounds great, will take a look at it then, thanks a mil !