Current SSL certificate is outdated, can i update it/buy a new one without having acces to my website?

I cant acces my ecom website and i think the reason is the my SSL cerficate has expired today. I wish to update it but hosting provider is closed during weekends and i dont have acces to the hosting control panel, I have access to to cloudfare of course but is seems that i new SSL serifiace needs to be confirmed via a TXT file via DNS. Is there any other way to get around this?

Are you saying your host let your certificate expire and is not reachable today?

If you can’t access the control panel you won’t be able to replace the certificate. Or will you?

You could get a Lets Encrypt certificate, but if you can’t upload it to your host, that will be of little use of course. You might have to wait until Monday and you might also want to consider changing host. Certificates needing renewal on weekends is not exactly a new thing.

Hi, Yes my host let it expire, so i will consider changing it. I was able to purchase a SSL certificate from Cloudfare and i seems i have access to DNS records here from cloudfare, but i didn’t recieve any TXT values after the purchace.

Sucks to have site down during weekend when i have the best sales

Cloudflare does not really sell certificates, unless you refer to the dedicated certificates but those are not necessary. Origin certificates are free.

If you can’t upload your certificate without your host’s help you’ll have to wait until Monday I am afraid.

I was afraid this would be the case. Thank you for your help

I don’t know your host or the circumstances, but if you really are dependent on your host for fixing the certificate and they do not work on weekends, I’d really suggest to switch host as that will happen again.

A host should actually automatically renew certificates or at least provide you with the means to upload your own certificate.

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