Current Setup for Speed + Looking for New Ideas [Current Results at 0.75s]

My current speed results for new home page setup are about 0.75s. Here are the test results:

Cloudflare settings:

  • Railgun on
  • Polish: Lossless, Webp checked
  • Autominify everything
  • Brotli on
  • Mirage on
  • Rocket Loader on
  • Argo on
  • Page rules : Browser Cache TTL 8 days, Cache level: cache everything, Edge cache TTL: a month, Bypass cache on cookie: wp-.|wordpress.|comment_.|woocommerce_.

Hosting: Google Cloud on compute engine

I moved Google fonts to be hosted on the server so they can be cached by Cloudflare.

I am trying to improve the speed a bit more. as a lot of my visitors have slow internet connections. So even though the speed test shows a good speed, Google Analytics is showing that it is taking much longer for users to load a page. So, for the end user, there is still a lot of room for improvement it seems.

Does anyone know how I can further improve the performance of this page?

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