Current registrar has increased it's fees exponentially - I want to move them

My current registrar bought out the old one who I have been with for almost 20 years. I have about 19 domain names with them and the rates have always been roughly $8.00 per name per year. Suddenly on my latest notice, I was informed all have increased to about $15 per domain name. An obvious sign of greed, especially during these dire times in a pandemic. My web host advised there is potential in transferring to another registrar here at CloudFlare and am asking if someone can provide constructive advice on what I can do about this dilemma. Any help / insights / advice will be greatly appreciated!

If the TLDs of your domains are supported at Cloudflare registar - TLD Policies | Cloudflare, before a transfering your domains you should firstly add your domains to your Cloudflare account and then proceed with the transfer.

In case you want some other domain registar, you are free to go with whom ever you believe is cheaper - like for example NameCheap.

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Thank you…can you provide some info as to what TLDs are? I have never dealt with this issue. On average, what annual rate does CloudFlare charge per domain? My current registrar has no knowledge of my intentions as of yet, so have not done anything with my account there yet. I appreciate your feedback

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The good information about the Cloudflare Registar can be found here:

The process of transfering domains to Cloudflare Registar:

Due to the costs and fees and other usefull information, kindly check the link below:

For currently supported TLDs at Cloudflare Registar, see the list on the below link:

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greatly appreciate! Will be digesting this information! thanks

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Keep in mind that any domain using Cloudflare Registrar must use Cloudflare Name Servers.


Sadly, only a chosen few can directly register a domain using Cloudflare. The rest of us, must still use a mere mortal registrar for the first year.

  1. You’re not missing much. The only thing it has going for it is price. There is nothing else here that other good registrars don’t already include.
  2. You don’t have wait the full year. Just 60 days, then transfer in and get a year added onto your current registration.
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