Current Network Issues

Cloudflare are aware of the current issues and are investigating.

The status page has now been updated, please check there for updates:


suddenly all by domains are missing from cloudflare, so all my sites are down! cloud flare status says nothing is up, what on earth has happened! and who can I contact to resolve!

Same here. Seems to be like a serious CF outage. We are down too and I am seeing other sites (that probably use CF) also down.


I cant access the dashboard at all thankfully my site came back up but Cloudflare seems to be having serious issues.

yep, twitter says the same, i guess its reassuring its not just me!

The status page has now been updated, please check there for updates:

@alon @jk1 @Sean

Seeems to be solved for now. Resolution works for me on and my own domains.

A bit of a slow response, as incident started at 2:12 PST. I kept searching google but didn’t see a peep anywhere

Experienced 15 minutes of downtime to all cloudflare hosted sites, however has just come back up, my spotify was still playing away happy but couldn’t NPM install or visit half the websites in the world :S

My alerting system is still showing website bouncing

Just out of curiosity, which one? Mines aren’t (probably different locations tested…?) except a single blip.


Not website, which alerting system?

While the alert system did show several recoveries, I tested on multiple devices and page wouldn’t load from 2:12 all the way until 2:40 or so

thanks for that I’m hoping they get the dashboard back up fully I can’t get into any of it.

Internal system (Zabbix)

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I got it from this forum immeidately, but none when i try from

I’ve checked the spam folder already. My email provider is Gmail.

Anyone still having an issue getting their dashboard to load? Mine finally came up for a minute but now I can’t get to it again.


Yes, the dashboard is throwing errors for me, but my sites are back up.

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Dashboard is now broken for me as well.