Currency Display Issue with Cloudflare APO

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I am encountering a challenge on my website related to Cloudflare APO and currency display, and I’m hopeful that someone here could provide some guidance or solutions.

Issue Summary:

  • I have a WooCommerce site where customers from Israel need to view prices in ILS, while all other visitors should see prices in USD.
  • I previously managed this requirement by excluding certain rules in WP Rocket, which worked well.
  • However, since implementing Cloudflare APO for site speed improvements, this solution is no longer effective. I suspect this is related to APO’s handling of dynamic cookies.

Based on my understanding, APO might have compatibility issues with dynamic content/cookies, which is likely affecting the currency display based on geolocation/IP. Here are a few questions and areas where I need help:

  1. Configuration Adjustments: Is there a specific configuration within Cloudflare APO that needs to be adjusted or customized to manage dynamic currency displays based on visitor location?
  2. Page Rules or Workers: Could setting up specific Page Rules or creating a custom Worker in Cloudflare help in managing the currency display issue?
  3. Alternative Solutions: Are there any alternative solutions or plugins known to work well with Cloudflare APO for managing dynamic content such as geolocation-based currency display?
  4. Best Practices: Are there any best practices or guidelines recommended by Cloudflare for managing such dynamic content scenarios with APO?

I am eager to resolve this issue promptly to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for my customers, and any insights, suggestions, or guidance from the community would be immensely appreciated. If additional details or logs are required for a more accurate diagnosis, please inform me, and I will provide them.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support. Looking forward to hearing your valuable inputs and working towards a resolution.

Best Regards,

Hi @tech151

I would suggest that you try and create a cache rule in your Cloudflare dashboard, where you bypass the url handling the currency.

If you still see issues, you can also try and create a page rule where you disable performance on the url handling currency.

Hi @louise2 ,
Thank you for your help.

I tried setting a cache rule but it still not working. Please see attached photos, do i miss something?

About the page rule, I have the currency for multiple pages and don’t want to hurt the performance of the website.

Any ideas?