CURLOPT_POST does't work when we activated cloudflare

We need help, please,

We have a program coded in PHP, which was working for more than 2 years, on the 19th of this month for security purposes we activated Cloudflare once we activated Cloudflare CURLOPT_POST want work, and it stopped working.

Can someone please help me, why is this not working now please.

Appreciate your help

Maybe some security options are blocking cURL User-agent like Firewall Rules or similar?
Or have you got I'm Under Attack mode enabled?

How often do you send those requests?

Are you requesting via domain name or IP address?

What cURL error do you get?
Maybe your SSL certificate is not right, or the selected SSL mode at Cloudflare dashboard does not work as it should due to recent activation of Cloudflare for your domain?

What is your domain name?

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