cURL requests to Cloudflare hosted services gives a Captcha

Hello everyone !

My hosting is on a shared-server. Some services which are hosted by Cloudflare can’t be used at the moment like check licence of Yoast SEO (, licence of Elementor Pro cannot be validated anymore (

When I do a curl -i, I receive a text saying there is a captcha to resolve.
I tested it on another server by the same company and it works.

I supposed that the IP address of my hosting is flagged by Cloudflare.

Under Inspect an IP | Project Honey Pot there is no sign of an infection of the host.

How can the hosting checked if something is bad on the host or how can I ask for a delisting?


Cloudflare will not normally block requests, but website administrators will, using one or more of several tools made available by Cloudflare.

You’d need to contact the websites where your requests are being blocked or challenged (captcha), as only they will be able to investigate the issue.

They may be challenging a whole ASN, a range of IPs, certain user agents, etc. etc. If you provide them with details like the exact path requested and the time the challenge happened, they may check their Cloudflare Firewall Events log to understand what rule triggered that action.


Thank you for quick answer!

I suspect something directly from Cloudflare because there is suddenly like 3 differents providers which are challenging the server requests (Elementor, Yoast SEO,

Could it be possible that if one provider begins to challenging the server IP, some others providers are going to do automatically the same?


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You’d need to check with these service providers, and if they claim they have not set any protections that would cause the actions by Cloudflare, they would need to contact Cloudflare support to investigate further.

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