Curl & IP/Geolocation Vs Cloudflare

A question to clarify how this works.

A need to make some curl requests from Server A ( to Server B (

My question is - if the the calls are made via php scripts from my application Server A to the API server via curl, does the API server (Server B), see Server A’s original IP address and/or geolocation or Cloudflare’s.

Let’s assume that Server B is also on Cloudflare and has the IP Geolocation network option turned on.


If I understood the question correctly in your case Server A behaves like a client, so Server B will see the server’s IP. Or at least Cloudflare will and then pass it following all standard headers.

You can’t start connections from your server and make others believe you are Cloudflare.

Since they’re both on Cloudflare, any calls to the other server will go through Cloudflare and then come from Cloudflare’s IP address…with all Cloudflare headers, including Geolocation.

Unless you have local host files with the origin IP address for the other host, then it will go direct.