Curl error 35 Wordpress

Receiving the same error as stated in this post Error when i added SSL to website and was hoping to get some assistance

Works for me.

What program is that and is there any way to get it running more verbose to see what protocol it is attempting to use to connect?

It is the Wordpress site health plugin developed by the Wordpress community

So according to this. It could be that the host you are using has an out of date curl version.

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I thought that may have been the issue so I also update to PHP 7.3 and installed the curl module as well as all available updates for all other packages (installed on Ubuntu server) too still no luck

What happens if you attempt to curl it from your host not using the plugin.

Just to add I’m also having problems creating posts and editing, also doesn’t allow me to view posts on website at all as it isn’t able to create the links etc

The domain that you have there and the one that you have in your first post are different.

It isn’t my post, I’m having the same issue as that post.

Oh my bad then.
When I used the correct domain, I found you do not have any https set up. In fact, your https redirects to HTTP. This seems when curl tries to use https it can not.

It was set up before I am currently in the process of reinstalling the whole server to try and troubleshoot the issue

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