Curl error 28 flummoxing Open Graph

Not sure why but can no longer get Open Graph to work with Facebook posts from my WordPress site. Have tried talking to hosting server but they point to Cloudflare. Anyone else seen this? I have no idea. thanks for any help. #notadeveloperofanykind

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What does facebook show when you try to embed? If there’s an issue with Cloudflare blocking facebook, the embed will usually say " used Cloudflare to restrict access". If it doesn’t say that, it’s likely not related to CF blocking the facebook crawler.

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Says cURL error 28, timed out and that a few OG elements are missing. Nothing about Cloudflare. Suspect it may be BlueHost server but they won’t own it.

Try pausing Cloudflare so that DNS resolves directly to your server, then see if Facebook can successfully embed.

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