Curl Content Theft

My Internet site opens and indexes in a different domain. I think Those who are using curl, because when I block access to my site IP addresses, the thief gives error about the field name curl.

However, at certain intervals the same thing is done with different IP addresses

On my Own site;

I’m using Wordpress Panel VESTACP

As an Example I can give the following site the same situation same person does me

Real site:

Thief site:

Cloudflare protect me?

Cloudflare can make it easier to block the theft, but you still need to figure out how they are copying your content and block them. Once you find out how they’re doing it, you can try blocking their content scraper, but it wouldn’t take long for them to get around this.

Since most of your content (images) isn’t hosted by you, you are going to have a very difficult time stopping them from copying your page, as they only need to copy your HTML.

you can start messing with them(the problem they gonna see this thread sas you gave direct link to their site, so they gonna know what you gonna do)

you can place some smart js code, that check the domain it runs on, if its not on your site do some annoying stuff like:

  • disable clicking
  • remove images
  • redirect
  • anything annoying enough to make their site useless

you will need to smartly hide and obfuscate the code to make it hard for them to remove it, just think smart about it I don’t want to give you ideas as they also see this thread


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