cURL - always getting 10000 Authentication Error [SOLVED]

ALSO – cannot generate support ticket even though I’m a paying customer

Details – just trying to start with cURL calls to generate tokens and see the API working, but no matter the endpoint, getting 10000 Authentication Error.

Please help. Thanks!

So does anyone actually use Cloudflare Stream or should I go find another provider?



Open a Support Ticket by mailing [email protected] and post the Ticket I’d here someone here will escalate it

I eventually stumbled upon the token generation page that’s through my profile page settings, as opposed to the other development pages, which doesn’t really make sense to me – the other people on my team cannot see the token.

Once I had the token, I was able to successfully get JSON for the media clip.

However, do I really want to be in a position where I’m making tokens with lifetimes in the console and then making sure those are enforced by whatever app I’m writing?

I need to learn more about this dynamic.

This is the standard way of interacting with APIs, industry-wide. To view the video you don’t need tokens, provided you embed the link correctly and you don’t select the signed URLs toggle. To fetch convent via the API, you obviously need some authentication.

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So then is there an automated way to generate tokens from the software, or am I doing things like making 365 day tokens in the console?

I’m developing an app that would stream content based on subscriptions, and just looking for the best way to do this.

I’m coming at this having not built any mobile apps before.

Your Cloudflare token should never be exposed to the client (your app). Your app should call your backend which uses the API Token to authenticate into the Cloudflare API, make the request and return the data to the client. So your backend sort of acts like a proxy between the client (your app) and Stream, helping you avoid exposure of the API Token.