Curl 503 from ips Hetzner

Hello. I have a problem. Can’t make not my server) curl request from different hetzner ip addresses. From the Ukrainian ip comes the response 200. From hetzner ips 503. What is the reason?

No-one can tell you why except the site owner, we don’t have that information.

Does Cloudflare have the ability to control geo traffic?

That is a feature offered to customers, yes.

Cloudflare provides a set of tools that website operators can use to control access to their sites. The operator controls how those tools are configured and used. Cloudflare does not unilaterally make such decisions on behalf of their customers.

Personally, I block all traffic from Hetzner unless I explicitly need something. There are no users browsing from the floor of a datacenter, and among networks that generate garbage traffic they rank very highly (i.e. on the bad end of the scale).

This graph from a recent blog post shows what I mean:

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Thank you. Clear. I’ll try to contact the owner of the site. Thank you for your help. Please tell me where is the GEOip control function in Cloudflare?

In terms of geo-IP, the WAF (Web Application Firewall) includes the ability to filter based on various things, including country, hostname, IP, etc: