cURL 28 (OPERATION_TIMEOUTED) problem when using Full or Full Strict SSL

For a few days Facebook or other portals do not download photos or descriptions to each shared post from my site and this cURL error pops up. Previously, I had Full SSL enabled, but changing to Flexible helped. Unfortunately, I would like to return to Full.

Strange problem.

Now Cloudflare says “Error connecting to certificate service (Code: 1403)”

Are you problem (Error connecting to certificate service (Code: 1403) is solved?

None of my subtitted problems today are not solved

What’s the URL you’re trying to reach?

I don’t know what you’re saying. I described my problem differently.

If we’re trying to share on facebook or lets say this link

We don’t have image and/or description for it, because server can’t connect to my site (curl operation timeouted)

And we see that in here too:

I have two free domain and one domain has that (1403) error… How many domain names you have in account @matrixpoland?

Only one.

Are you using Flexible now? Because I just clicked on the link to the Facebook sharing tool and, though initially it showed the curl error, after I requested a new scrape everything seemed to be fine.

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It’s Full.

Here i have this CURL too

And even see this. Homepage. No image

You can check few random posts from my site.

On is the same situation.

I don’t know if it is same on twitter

I visited both links and again I saw the curl error, but when I asked it to scrape information again, the error went away. Except this time no image was shown, and when I clicked on the Open Graph Object Debugger link (towards the bottom of the page), there’s a long list of error messages. It seems that the debugger is not recognizing the object type for any of your op: tags:

I’m not so sure what to make of this, but it doesn’t appear to be an issue related to Cloudflare. You’d need to check with Facebook support

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I’ve changed now SSL to Flexible and sharing debugger no longer shows problem.

This is from Cloudflare then.

The primary difference between Flexible and Full modes is that Cloudflare will connect to the origin using https with Full, while using http with Flexible, while always connecting to the visitor using https.

Unless you ask it to modify content through either a Cloudflare App or a Cloudflare Worker, there should be no reason for your content to differ when CF connects to the origin via http or https. If the wrong behavior consistently goes away when using Flexible, but comes back when using Full, this is probably because your origin is sending to Cloudflare different content depending on the scheme used, perhaps because some files are either blocked or redirected when using https.

But in practical terms this still needs to be investigated at the origin server. You can visit your site with Dev Tools open while under Flexible and Full, to see if there’s any errors pointed at the console, or else investigate your origin server access logs for hints on what’s causing this.

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