Curious about if my regularly updating website can benefit from APO(cloudflare)

I have a website using BunnyCdn+wprocket. Recently I’ve been looking into Cloudflare’s apo since it is cheaper and Cloudflare static delivery is usually fast but couldnt find answer.

Basically I update wordpress website everyday one time, so would this type of website(think is dynamic) would be compatible with apo and possibly make it faster.


Cloudflare APO will cache at Cloudflare’s edge around the world your static (images, JS, CSS etc) and HTML content for up to 30 days, and will invalidate the cache within 30 seconds when content and/or appearance changes (new posts, post updates, theme update etc.)

Based on your description, it should be a good choice for your site. However, comparing any Cloudflare feature with other alternatives, such as your current arrangement, is something you need to test for yourself. You can add APO on a monthly plan, test and compare during that period, and decide for yourself what’s the solution that works best for you.


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