Curious about a useful USE CASE for phpBB forum

I may be a bit of a noobish dev in regards to these workers, but I was trying to think of some use cases and how to implement them, maybe someone here can help point me in a good direction?

I administer a forum using phpBB software currently and it’s strapped with CSS and Javascript that I feel could be cached and/or hosted by a worker instead of hitting my site directly. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas in regards to this?

I especially think it would be nice to host my google adsense code with a worker, as it slows the page load times currently. If that’s possible, how do I implement it?

Hey @lulu! We don’t have any particular phpBB + Workers integration, but there probably is an opportunity to increase the caching rate for your site. If you start sending all your forum’s traffic through a Workers script, the “Using the Cache” docs could be useful - maybe you could start to cache any requests where the URL ends in js or css?

I’m super interested to hear what you come up with - keep us posted!

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Cloudflare should be automatically caching your CSS and JS files.

Only issue here is that they’re serving ads dynamically. I would just try and lazy load these. If you can’t do this with phpBB or your layout, you could use workers to inject the code needed to lazy load the ads on each request.

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I use phpbb on one of my website. I do have a business plan.and with certain cookie bypass phpbb work just fine with Cloudflare cache everything.

I’m not particularly interested in caching, since it’s a busy forum and the content isn’t very static. Although I may implement it for images and css if I can figure that out.

@chasers - So you don’t think I can use it to load my adsense code? And can you provide more information regarding lazy loading?