CSS overriding the Cookie Police


We’re looking to use Zaraz’s cookie policy on our site and want to style it to match our visual design system. I can see there’s a CSS override option, but I don’t get any preview to make the changes.

Ideally I want to be able to see what the class names are, before I manipulate and change them. The documentation says that I should just use the CSS as I would normally in a HTML code editor… But I’d normally have the HTML in that scenario!

Anyone have any help/ideas? It’s risky for us to deploy the cookie banner and then make changes after, I’d much rather get it all right before deploying the banner live.

Maybe I should be clear with a request:

Does anyone have an example of the cookie policy running in a html environment?

@kuba_orlik For some help?

Sorry for the nudge, but I think you might be my guy.

Is there any way I could see the consent html and css in an environment like Codepen?

Sorry to bump again but @kuba_orlik, I’m still stuck on this. Please can you let me know.

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