Css or general scripts not loading? I cant seem to work this out

Hi there I am new to this and I followed a tutorial about getting https for free and the cdn. I added eveyrthing including the name servers correctly although the css or other scripts don’t seem to be loading? I can’t seem to work this out I’ve tried other settings like always redirect.

The site is https://jayne-clark.com

Thank you.

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Drop that tutorial like a hot potato. It seems to be the usual misinformation.

Cloudflare does not provide free HTTPS. They issue a certificate in your domain’s name for their own proxy servers, but that only works when you proxy and you still need a certificate on your server anyhow.

You do not seem to have that in place on your server, so that should be done first. Just be aware that your host often wants to sell his certificate, whereas Lets Encrypt offers them for free, respectively you can obtain a free origin certificate from Cloudflare as well.

Ok so after having a look I basically need to do this?

Yes, that or any other publicly valid certificate (e.g. Lets Encrypt).

Once you have the certificate configured on your server, make sure to set the SSL mode on Cloudflare to “Full strict”, as only that mode guarantees a secure transfer.

Ok I shall try this out thank you.

Once the certificate issue is fixed, have a look at “mixed content”, which is the reason why the resources in question currently do not load.

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