CSS not updating

When I try updating my html, it works perfectly. When I try updating my css, it doesn’t update at all…
I’ve verified the problem doesn’t occur on my (servers’) side, instead it happens because of Cloudflare, I’ve verified this by checking the files using multiple ways (SFTP, SSH, etc.).
I am using Private Browsing/clearing my cache over and over again, so this isn’t the problem either (which should be known, because the HTML does update).
I find this very weird and I’ve never seen this issue before - neither have any blogs or forums.
When checking the network page in the Inspect Menu, it shows 200 - OK, and when I head to www.example.com/style.css, it also shows my old css file (so does the Style Editor in the IM).

Has anyone else experienced this before? Or does anyone know how to resolve it?

If your DNS record is proxied, are you purging the Cloudflare Cache?

You can use development mode or cache rules to prevent caching of your files while in development.

Using development mode indeed solved my issue, but does this mean my website (traffic) might be easier to intercept, or is it as safe as before, when having this option disabled?

Development mode just suspends caching on your account.

Caching is a standard feature and a reason a lot of people use Cloudflare…

During development you may find using cache rules and/or a separate subdomain helps to reduce caching.


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