CSS not updated even after purge file cache

I have APO enabled on 2 websites.
They are wordpress, and I just made a change on a css file (added a new rule) and I could see the update when I am logged in, but not on anonymous.

The file is https://www.dicasonline.com/wp-content/themes/bimber-child-theme/style.css … Yesterday I purged cache only for this file… also for https://www.dicasonline.com/wp-content/themes/bimber-child-theme/style.css?ver=6.0.3 … I presume it’s some kind of versioning?

And on my smartphone still no css changes… I purged ALL cache and still nothing…

Is there a way to assure all (or pretty much all) the visits to my website starting now will render with the new changes?

Thanks in advance