Css not loaded

i add cloudflare to my website it work normaly but css not loaded help me plz

Your CSS (https://afterlife.ovh/assets/css/templatemo-574-mexant.css) is redirecting infinitely, redirecting appending 5 random characters as a prefix to the subdirectory. The redirect is from your origin, perhaps a bad rewrite rule or something else? Maybe someone else would have more of a clue on what exactly is doing it, but I would start with your apache config & setup.


i don’t have any htacces in my website the 5 random characters as a prefix to the subdirectory was started when i added my website in Cloudflare plz help me

There’s a <script> in an HTML response for that file that’s causing this:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><title></title><script>var y=window</script><script>var x={o:'/88888fPhTd/mlOPb/gfeRM/ekdXg/QeoTT/assets/css/templatemo-574-mexant.css',c:1},z=5;function rsu(h){return(x.o).substr(0,x.c)+(x.o).substr(x.c+h)}y.location.assign(rsu(z))</script></html>

Are you seeing all these requests in your server logs?


i open all folders in visual studio and i search for this i didn’t found any think like this plz help me
this bug started when i added my website to cloudflare… i tryed to remove cloudflare he work normly