CSS not displaying properly, links go to Error 404


I am new to Cloudflare and I am having some issues getting the CSS to display properly on my website. My website is montville-weather.com. The index.php loads (with the CSS issues), but clicking on any other links to other pages or by typing in the url of another page will result in an Error 404 page.

I am using the flexible option, as that is what I am allowed to use on the free plan of x10hosting. I use a GoDaddy domain and it has the nameservers updated. I tried turning on development mode, but that did not help. Even if it did, it’s only a temporary option. Always use HTTPS is on. Everything else should be default.

I do have a support ticket in progress, but wanted to see if I could get any suggestions from the community as well. The ticket # is 1896914. The screenshots below show the top of my webpage with a nonsense menubar, with a part of the main content below (for the most part it displays correctly). Menubar links result in an Error 404 page.

It looks good to me, but you have a tiny bit of mixed content. A sidebar image from blitzortung.org is using HTTP.

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I think I found the issue. I went to the website in Google Chrome’s private mode, which allowed me to access the my admin panel. I noticed my path was set to https://www.montville-weather.com when it should have been set to https://montville-weather.com

Updating that page seems to have fixed the mixed content issue and missing pages on Safari and Chrome.

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