Css login button not display

hi my login CSS button does not render on mobile it is bringing three-dot instead of the button itself, and again this button display very well on pc…pls kindly help me to check…

It’s displaying three-dot for few seconds, after that it’s looking fine.

I guess Rocket Loader is the culprit. Try disable Rocket Loader in Cloudflare dashboard and see?

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The issues somehow correct itself…But one thing,my sticky header and footer are highlighted but it not hide …it works well on pc but not on mobile

First of all, your site did not even start to load until its request to Google Maps timed out at 15 seconds (not 15 ms… actually 15 seconds.)

Rocket Loader is still enabled. And so is email obfuscation. Disable both (at least for testing).

Your CDN transfers the CSS with wrong headers. I received them with “content-type: text/html” but it should be “content-type: text/css” - this error shows on at least 35 of your stylesheets.

Done,can you check again now…

And I also tried to tweaks thing today on my WordPress backend…
Install wp rocket for tweaking but immediately I did that the login buttons disappeared on desktop version but still present on mobile…
Had a great score of B on gtmetrix,and 91 on develop.google.com,but I had to disable it for the button to comeback After which database restore was perform…
Again what is the best setting for wp rocket and cloudflare…

WP Rocket should set itself automatically with Cloudflare if you use the addon.

The Cloudflare addon for WP Rocket will change the Cloudflare settings for you, or you can change them manually from the guide: https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/1184-cloudflare-recommended-settings

Now disable minify JS/CSS/HTML in WP Rocket because Cloudflare is handling that.

Install wp rocket for tweaking but immediately I did that the login buttons disappeared on desktop version but still present on mobile…

WP Rocket > Cache tab > disable the option “Separate cache file for mobile devices.” You have a responsive design so you don’t need to serve a different cache to mobile.

But there are other very real problems that you need to fix before getting to the fine tuning of WP Rocket. You’re using too many plugins and other things that add css and js, and some of them are setup incorrectly. I mentioned a few problems in my first reply. It’s hard to really see where the problems start when the site is overloaded with plugins and other code.

Look at your site in Chrome DevTools, using a private window to avoid cookies, and start tracking down those errors. Disable the plugins you don’t really need (probably most of them) and try to cut down the number of requests made for each page view. Your main page makes ~400 requests, and many of them fail or take too long. You can probably get that down to ~150 requests without much trouble.

WP Rocket is great… it’s the best caching plugin I’ve tried and I recommend it, but there’s only so much it can do automatically. You need to do some optimizing yourself too.

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