CSS glitch with firewall "is (not) in" rules

Can be fixed by removing these two directives


Please check of course if it breaks something else. I couldnt find anything but then I did not run an entire test suite :slight_smile:


Appears to be a case of tested-with-Chrome-only :frowning: as it only happens on Firefox.

And it only breaks off the last character. I saw another screenshot from you (Country names?) where each one had the last letter moved to the next line, regardless of string length.

I guess you are referring to How to Allow Bots Search Engine on Page Rules? Please hlep!. It happens in all cases with the mentioned operators.

It makes me think it’s a CSS padding issue. It allocates slightly too little space for the characters.

True, could be that as well. I just noticed it gets fixed by disabling the two mentioned directives, but maybe there is a cleaner approach.


@cloonan, @cs-cf, anything on this? We’ll soon need a :birthday: for the issue :wink:

Tagging @alexcf

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Fixed it seems.