CSS files not loading persistently


We are experiencing a strange issue where css files would sometimes not load from Cloudflare. I have not been able to to get the problem myself but every now and then css files will not be loaded from Cloudflare and at night over weekends it will not load for clients connecting from Portugal IP addresses for time spans of 4 to 6 hours.
Would like to know if there is any suggestions to what might cause this or how to fix this.
I am getting alerts with the IP addresses when the css files are not loaded


What errors specifically are your users seeing on these requests when this happens? Can you replicate the issue of you remove Cloudflare from the website temporarily?

Hi cherryjimbo,

The page loads without applying styles. I am not able to have a look at the error or see what is loaded in the files since I am not able to reproduce it myself yet.
I can remove Cloudflare temporarily if it happens again in the bursts to see if it is Cloudflare specifically

Having your visitors gather information about what the CSS files are returning would be very helpful in diagnosing this moving forward.

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