CSS file is not working

My css file is working on my actual server but on the Cloudflare servers it is not. On Cloudflare it seems to work for mobile or desktop but not both. It looks like it is loading but my css is not being styled properly. On my actual server the css works for both mobile and desktop at the same time.

It seems to work on the first try after changing the css filename but then after that it doesn’t work anymore.

What’s the site? Make sure the CSS isn’t being loaded over HTTP while your site is HTTPS.

File is being loaded from a relative address within the site, not an external source.

Site is https://ourleagues.com.

I cannot replicate at my end, moreover which CSS file?

The file in question is site_20210220_1215.css. Even after I update the file or use a file with a different name it still doesn’t work correctly.

Are you checking with a desktop or mobile device? Right now the mobile version appears to be working correctly but the desktop one does not.

I am not sure if Cloudflare serves different versions based on the device. I wouldn’t think so.

I see it properly on my mobile but on my desktop neither Firefox, Edge, or Chrome display it correctly.

The following images show the correct and incorrect displays of what the desktop sees. The correct ones are on the origin server and the incorrect ones are on the Cloudflare servers.

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