CSS Error in Elementor after SSL HandShake 525 Error

My site was down and with an SSL HandShake error. To solve it I changed the SSL from “Full” to “Flexible”. After this change, it came back online, but it has several CSS errors. Has anyone experienced this?

I am afraid that was a mistake, as that made your site insecure - Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice

Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to fix your site. Once it loads fine on HTTPS you can unpause Cloudflare again.

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Unfortunately I can’t pause it because it has other systems subdomains linked to Cloudflare. That would take them down.
How can I troubleshoot SSL HandShake 532 error and get back to full mode

Pausing Cloudflare should not take down anything.

What you need is to configure your server properly so that it works with SSL, right now it does not. Pausing is the best way to fix that, but you have to talk to your host.

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Website was working fine with full SSL, SSL HandShake error started today. What causes it?
I performed the pauses in the proxy and corrected the site, I returned to the proxy and it gave an error.
And there is another detail, when I disable the WP Rocket cache plugin the site is down with “Too many redirects”.

Have you paused Cloudflare?

Yes sir

That does not seem to be accurate, the domain still points to the proxies. Which nameservers does it mention in your account?

I don’t know how to answer you because I’m a layman in some things, but I paused, tested and then reactivated.

Then pause it and leave it paused.

What’s the domain?


That’s currently not paused.

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